Real salvage yard

If you want to see a real salvage yard, take a drive out to Six Points. That is the biggest salvage yard there has ever been in Aiken. Iím sure itís filled with rats and snakes and itís never been written up.

List of students

Thereís a list of 10 high school players to watch. How about a list of 10 students?

Christmas lights

Donít be on Monetta about the Christmas lights. It gives the old people joy to see them. I love to go through there just to see the lights.

New hospital

Please let University Hospital come here.

The application for University Hospital in Aiken should be approved. It would help to reduce medical costs in Aiken, which are extremely high.

Health care lawsuit

The Republicans are suing Obama for not implementing a certain mandate in the health care law quickly enough. These are the same Republicans who voted more than 50 times to repeal or stall the same law. They are using taxpayer money for their suit. It would be much too kind to say they are nuts.


Why are there so many commercial and contractor vehicles parked in residential areas in Aiken County?

Career politicians

Political service was never meant to be a career for anyone at the state or federal level. We need to wake up and get rid of the career politicians.

The Northside

It would be wonderful to give the Northside a facelift.


All these trees on Hampton Avenue prevent you from walking on the sidewalks. If these trees were on the Southside, they would be taken care of.

Outlet mall

Someone mentioned the Aiken Mall and its future. Something that would most likely work and should be taken into consideration is a name brand outlet mall, such as those on the interstates. They have nice, clean discount name brand stores. I think that would be successful in Aiken due to its demographics and marketability.


Share the road does not mean hog the road. Riding two and three abreast with traffic behind you is arrogant, and taking up a full lane on Whiskey Road is dangerous for the rider and motorists. Look behind you and single up. Read and practice rules of the road.