According to reports provided by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office:

A 40-year-old North Augusta woman reported on Friday that she was putting on makeup when a 29-year-old woman entered her home on Jackson Road and hit her in the face and on the hands while screaming, “You are sleeping with my husband.” The victim didn’t know how the subject got into her residence. According to the responding officer, there was swelling in the vicinity of one of the victim’s wrists.

A Warrenville man reported on Saturday that someone took several items from his home on Houghton Lane. He said he found the residence’s front door unlocked after he thought he had locked it. Missing were a PSE bow and arrow set, an RCA “surround sound” system, a 42-inch Samsung television, a white Sony special edition PlayStation console and a Nintendo Wii console.

A North Augusta man reported on Sunday that there had been a burglary at an uninhabited home he owns on Apache Drive. Missing were a generator, two nail guns and pieces of lumber.

A Warrenville woman, who lives in an apartment on Lawana Drive, reported on Sunday that her vehicle’s license plate was missing.

A 25-year-old man reported on Sunday that he and a 20-year-old man got into a fight and punched each other at a home on Jack Jones Street in Aiken after the victim received a call from a female friend. The 20-year-old man broke a window in the residence.

An Aiken man reported on Sunday that numerous items were missing from the backyard of his home on Pipeline Road. They included a leaf blower, a lawn mower, a grill, several hammers and antique steak knives, forks and spoons.

A Clearwater woman reported on Sunday that a male subject entered her home on Westside Drive by opening her front door through an already broken window and tried to smother her with a pillow while she was sleeping. She also said the subject tried to hit her in the face with a hammer that was lying on top of a box-spring inside the house and took her cellphone. In addition, she said the subject had her child. The responding officer talked to the subject, who released the child to the Sheriff’s Office.

A woman who said she was moving out of a home on Lewis Road in Beech Island reported on Sunday that she found the back door of the residence open. According to the responding officer, the door looked like it had been pried open, and there was an empty jewelry box in the residence with all of its drawers open. A neighbor told the victim that a silver pickup had pulled into the home’s driveway and had stayed there for three minutes before leaving.

An Aiken man reported on Sunday that a 1998 white Dodge Grand Caravan owned by his brother, who is out of the country, was taken from outside his home on Missy Lane.

A Windsor man reported on Sunday that someone had engraved a word on the hood of his 1996 blue Chevrolet Cavalier that was parked outside his home on Clippership Loop.

A report about missing tools at a home on Cooper Drive in Aiken was received on Sunday.

An Aiken woman reported on Sunday that a vehicle she had left locked outside a home on Edgefield Road in North Augusta was missing.

A 34-year-old North Augusta man was arrested after he was identified by female subject and another male subject as the driver of a vehicle that had been reported as stolen. The vehicle was parked outside of a home on Pine Log Road in Warrenville. All three subjects had outstanding warrants. In addition, a small bag of what appeared to be methamphetamine was found when the North Augusta man was searched following his arrest.

A 21-year-old Aiken man was arrested on Sunday for pointing and presenting after he pointed a handgun at a male victim and a female victim, and then fired it at the ground and a residence following a verbal altercation at a home on Westmont Drive. He also was charged with simple possession of marijuana. The responding officer found a green, leafy substance on the back seat of the patrol vehicle that was used to transport the subject to the Aiken County detention center, and then a clear plastic bag containing a green, leafy substance was found on the victim during a search during intake at the detention center.

According to reports provided by the Aiken Department of Public Safety:

Jewelry was reported stolen from a box located in a Doral Drive Home Friday.

A wallet was reported stolen from the back room of Playoffs on Richland Avenue Friday.

An Alfred Street resident reported that someone burned a “no trespassing sign” that was attached to his home on Saturday.

Rocks were reportedly thrown at a vehicle traveling down York Street when passing Burger King on Sunday.

Playground equipment, two air conditioning units and copper were reported stolen from a Pine Log Road property on Sunday.

A 20-inch chrome rim was reported as stolen from the back patio on Greenville Street on Monday.