WARRENVILLE -- A 48-year-old man was arrested for assault and battery in the third degree on Saturday following incidents that took place on Huber Clay Road in Warrenville.

According to a report provided by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office there were three male victims.

One of victims, who lives in Warrenville, said he was on the front porch of a home when the subject approached him and said, “You got a problem with me?” The victim said that after he told the subject he didn’t have a problem with him, the subject hit him in the face three times, causing a laceration and swelling under an eye.

The other two victims, one a Batesburg resident and the other a Warrenville resident, said they were changing a flat tire on a vehicle that was parked on Huber Clay Road when they saw the subject on the side of the road swinging a large knife. According to the Sheriff’s Office report, the two victims said the subject approached them in a threatening manner and took a car jack from them.

The responding officer located the subject and took him into custody. The officer also recovered the car jack from the subject’s residence on Huber Clay Road and returned it to the two men who had been changing a tire.

The victim who said that the subject had hit him three times was taken to a hospital.

Warrenville man arrested for assault