Project Jackson

I enjoyed the article about the alligators on the river in North Augusta. I am 71 years old and I used to play down around the gator pond and fish for catfish. If we were lucky, one of our mothers would prepare the catfish for us. If I remember the history of North Augusta, there was a big fire just after the turn of the century and all the buildings down where they want to build Project Jackson were destroyed. They decided not to build down there again due to the flooding.

Politics vs. God

Itís clear that Aiken has declared politics their God. They use God to cover their political God. It has become a lost cause because it is a town without pity.

Sales tax

I have to pay my tags this month. Four hundred dollars of it goes to the school. Why do they need a sales tax? Not a penny more.

Salvage yard

Why canít people leave the Willing family alone? He has helped many truckers replace parts when they couldnít afford them. Itís the truckers who keep this country going. The salvage yard should be left alone in honor of his memory and what he did to help the truckers.

Donít hate

God doesnít like people who hate. Every time you bless America, you are cursing it because you have thrown away your soul for the political god.

Animal shelter

I enjoyed the article on the Aiken County Animal Shelter on July 11. Bobby Arthurs deserves a medal of honor for handling this difficult job with such compassion and grace. The community needs to support this shelter to offset the irresponsible people who should never own a pet.

Immigration crisis

Thereís an immigration crisis. Some say we should close the borders. Others say these folks are courageous, industrious and will take jobs people here are unwilling to do. Maybe it would be a win-win (or maybe win-lose) if we take a newcomer on the condition that their country takes one we select.


The Palestinian Hamas insurgents continue to show their cowardice by hiding among the population. They have no regard for the lives of innocent Palestinian and Israeli men, women and children in carrying out attacks on Israel. Any rational that they might have had for the attacks has long since been lost in their blind hatred for Israel. Woe be to them when they meet Allah face to face. Instead of seven virgins, they will receive the wrath of their deity.