Illegal immigrants

Let me suggest the states of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California collect illegal immigrants after or before they are processed by the federal government. Then put them on buses, haul them to the District of Columbia, and deposit them on any street corner. How many buses do you think would have to arrive in Washington, D.C., before officials would find a way to secure the border?


As this is being written, our Marine sergeant is enduring his 106th day of captivity in a country that laughs at us. Eric Holder would call it racially motivated. We still have a State Department that canít fix a traffic ticket; a president who canít Google the telephone number of the Mexican president; a border patrol that canít stop preschoolers from infiltrating our country; and Egypt is brokering a cease-fire between people that our State Department canít get to talk to each other. Itís a great time to be alive.

Do your jobs

Police in Aiken County need to focus more on real crime, rather than hiding in places to give someone a ticket for going 4 mph over the speed limit.

Paying taxes

Pointing out that you pay a higher property tax than the average Aikenite is not a great defense of where you live and how wonderful you are for the community. It just buys into the stigma. One could argue the restoration of small ďAiken cottagesĒ not isolated by gates is more of a public service by increasing the tax base while making bad neighborhoods better. The existing structures mean that no new utilities, roads or services need be added and traffic patterns arenít disrupted.

Adoptable pets

Do you personally know 300 to 400 people a month willing to adopt an abandoned animal? Because that is what it will take to adopt out all the homeless animals that arrive at the local shelter. There is only so much room available. The shelters here are not 1,000-acre sanctuaries. If people were responsible, and spayed and neutered their dogs and cats, this problem would not exist. It has nothing to do with whether a town has a lot of money or not. It is ignorant people who own animals they canít afford and allow them to multiply. Be part of the solution. Find more people to adopt or help educate the community to spay and neuter. Donít criticize before you understand.

Salvage yard

I find it impossible to believe that the council canít do something about the salvage yard. The 20-year-old agreement should be void, and it shouldnít extend past death. They need to involve the EPA and get rid of it now.