I read in the Aiken Standardís TalkBack recently that Jimmy Carter could smile now that he isnít the worst president. I realize there are people in our area who dislike President Barack Obama, or maybe Democrats in general.

Lets take a look at the party. The Democrats enacted Social Security for working people reaching retirement age, Medicare for seniors, Medicaid for the poor, the GI Bill for returning troops from World War II and Korea and the Civil Rights Act.

Now, a look at the Republicans. Iím thinking, Iím thinking. Oh yeah. President Ronald Reagan took the national debt from one trillion to four, George H.W. Bush took it from four to five and George W. Bush took the debt up to almost eleven, cleaned out all the money in the treasury, got us into two wars, Afghanistan and Iraq and left us in the Great Recession Ė personally, I think it was another Depression. Obama is trying his best to get us out without any help from John Boehner and company.

I think folks in the CSRA just canít believe that the party wants the best for our country even if they donít have ďfamily valuesĒ Ė whatever that is. Just the way it is.

Jim McGaughy