These are the bookings recorded for the Doris C. Gravat Detention Center for July 21, 2014. Some of the people listed may not have actually spent time in jail if they posted bond and were released. Although those listed have been arrested and charged, that does not mean they have been found guilty. All bookings may be viewed online by visiting and clicking on the “Crime” tab.

Bolivar Tecpile Tehuintle, 26 — no driver’s license, driving under the influence, hold for Immigration Customs Enforcement

Robert Isaac Weathersbee, 31 — fraudulent check

Jasmine Marie Serrano, 22 — driving under suspension

Timothy Dorch, 27 — simple possession of marijuana bench warrant

Kelly Latresa Padgett, 34 — driving under suspension commitment

Trina Marie Turner, 39 — grand larceny $1,000

Ronald James Glover, 35 — driving under suspension second offense bench warrant

Nancy Aderhold, 60 — driving under the influence first offense

Alex James Pitts, 21 — possession of a weapon during a violent crime if not also sentenced to life, attempted murder

Lynette Darby-McDaniel, 55 — simple possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct

Zerobel Edward Byrd, 27 — driving under suspension first offense

Charles Edward Plaster, 53 — failure to appear general sessions court bench warrant, filing a false police report of a misdemeanor violation bench warrant