Illegal immigrants

I have a solution for the illegal immigrants in Texas. Load them up and place them on the White House lawn. Oh, right, that won’t work; it has a fence.

Nuclear material

Anybody remember former Gov. Jim Hodges, who fought to prevent nuclear waste and other nuclear materials from being shipped to SRS in Aiken? How he was ridiculed for his stand? He said if it comes here, it will never leave. Since then, the Obama administration has prevented the opening of the proven safe long-term waste storage facility in Nevada, and it looks less and less likely the MOX facility will ever operate. Now we’re getting Germany’s nuclear material. Once again, Aiken is proving to be the dumping site for the world’s nuclear waste.


Before moving to South Carolina, our former state only allowed you to vote in the primary for the party with which you were registered. That is, we had separate primaries for Democratic and Republican candidates. This reduced the chance for some of the shenanigans organized by the various parties in South Carolina.

Big wigs

What ever happened to the talks about the generous City of Aiken retirement package for the big wigs?

Railroad depot

I hear the City of Aiken is looking for funds to “improve” the new railroad depot. The logical question to ask would be, “What is the depot doing for Aiken?”

Pet population

Have you been to the Aiken County Animal Shelter lately? It may be a nice, new building, but the intake area is overrun with multiple dogs inhabiting pens. Until this county recognizes the importance of spaying and neutering, this will continue to be a high-kill shelter. If you want to do something, come by the shelter and volunteer.

Scare tactic

The cleanup TalkBack is just a scare tactic to frighten the car dealership. Something needs to be done to clean up that salvage yard.


I noticed there have been several drug dealer TalkBacks voicing frustration over no action. I’ve been reporting the same places for five years; and the activity at times was unmistakable, yet there were never a bust. I even had a neighbor volunteer their house as a stakeout point, and the offer was not taken. Seems that “probable cause” means you have to advertise your wares in the newspaper to be busted.