As a child, you might have watched your mother or grandmother beat, mix and pour out a fresh batch of cookie dough.

Then you might have stared into the oven to watch that dough rise and bake into a soft, gooey batch of cookies.

On Saturday, children will be able to learn how to make these treats for themselves.

From 1 to 3 p.m., Merit Flooring Kitchen and Bath will host its first Kids Cooking Class.

“There will be a fun step-by-step demonstration of cooking,” according to Kelly Crouch, event coordinator.

After the demonstration, the young bakers will mix up their own baked goodies.

As the goodies bake, the children will play a carpet walk game.

“It’s like the cake walk game but with carpet squares,” Crouch said. “There will be prizes.”

When the game and baking are finished, the children will be able to decorate their treats.

There is no cost for the class, Crouch said.

Those wishing to participate will have to register by Friday afternoon.

Merit Flooring Kitchen and Bath, formerly The Carpet Shop, has recently remodeled its store.

“We have a full working kitchen so monthly cooking shows (adult and kids) will be planned to bring people into the store to see what all we offer,” according to a release.

Merit Flooring Kitchen and Bath is located at 1530 Whiskey Road.

For more information, call 803-649-0961 or visit

Stephanie Turner graduated from Valdosta State University in 2012. She then signed on with the Aiken Standard, where she is now the arts and entertainment reporter.