As a resident of South Carolina during the summer months, you learn quickly how important it is to find ways to keep cool.

While air conditioning provides the cool, ceiling fans help to increase air flow during those long hot summers.

Although ceiling fans do not add cool air to the home environment, the additional breeze can make your body feel as much as 8 degrees cooler.

When it comes to ceiling fans, size is important. The best plan is to choose the largest fan that will fit into your space without visually overwhelming it.

Ceiling fans come in a wide range of prices. Sometimes the least expensive one is not the best choice. Lower-priced models may wobble or hum while in use.

You can coordinate your ceiling fan with your decorating style. Fans are available in tropical themes and in specific colors.

Some companies allow you to choose the color of the blades as well as the color for the motor and hardware. There are retro fans and fans specifically designed for children’s spaces.

If your home is traditional, select a fan that complements that style. Conversely, if your taste is more modern, look for a fan that is sleek and offers less adornment. You may need to visit a specialty lighting store or shop online for more options.

If your ceilings are low, you will need a fan that mounts flush to the ceiling. Keep in mind that a fan mounted flush to the ceiling will not move as much air because it is located so close to the ceiling. If your ceilings are higher, you can probably use a standard mount, a fan that has a 3- to 5-inch down rod.

If you have cathedral ceilings, you may need to purchase a longer down rod. These rods are available in variable lengths and in colors that will coordinate with the fan.

Using a longer down rod will allow the fan to hang closer to the interior of the room. There are sloped mounts for use on ceilings that are vaulted or angled.

Most fans now come with a remote, and many fans are remote compatible. This allows you to turn your fan on and off without using a pull chord.

Some ceiling fans allow you to purchase a light kit. Instead of the usual three- to four-bulb mount, you can purchase a stained glass lamp cover or even do away with the light fixture all together. Keep in mind, overhead lighting from a ceiling fixture can be harsh.

There are outdoor fans for use on your porch ceiling. Be sure to choose one that is made to withstand the outdoor elements. This is an excellent way to add more breeze on a warm summer night.

Ceiling fans offer an economical and energy efficient way to cool down on a hot summer day. All you need to add is a glass of sweet tea. I feel cooler already!

Sharon Preston is the owner of Decorate in Aiken. She is certified in interior decorating and has been decorating residential and commercial spaces for 11 years. Email her at