Those who live in Aiken and demand taxes be raised have never balanced a budget and never heard of the phrase debt free. Their homes have probably been repossessed. You donít know how to manage money and donít expect anyone else to either. We need to demand those who run Aiken be more responsible with the money they have so they donít have to raise taxes.


Iíve lived in Aiken for 30 years, and Iíve never known Aiken to meet a tax that it didnít just love. Stop raising the taxes and start taking responsibility with the money Aiken already has.


Just because a person goes to church, it doesnít mean theyíre Christian.

Coffee grounds

I heard this morning that if you put coffee grounds in the refrigerator, it will eliminate odors. Did they mean to use used coffee grounds or unused grounds?


Long before the Red Wing there was Skateland, and theyíre both up for sale. We need to have things for our children to do to keep out of trouble. Maybe, one day, we will skate again in Aiken.

Rebuilding schools

What people donít realize about the sales tax is that itís going to rebuild the schools. But theyíre also going to increase the millage rate. They need to freeze the millage rate for the next 10 years, and then we can have the sales tax.

Aiken Mall

We donít need a new building on the Southside. The Aiken Mall is soon going to be empty. It has plenty of space and plenty of parking. It can be remodeled. We canít go shopping because the taxes in Aiken keep going up. We canít afford to go shopping anymore.


Council wants to spend $10 million on the Northside. We have empty grocery stores because they couldnít stay in business. All the businesses are closing on that side of town because they canít stay in business. We donít need to spend any money there.

Positive points

What a pleasant surprise to open Tuesdayís edition of Mature Times and see not just one, but two, of New Ellentonís finest featured. Thanks to Midge Rothrock and Karla Roberts for showing the positive points of our town.