An Aiken man who was arrested for cocaine possession initially told police that the substance they found in his pants pocket was baking soda, and later stated it was really pills for a wasp sting.

Angelo Deshawn Hatcher, 26, of Jehossee Drive, was charged with first degree possession of cocaine and disorderly conduct, according to a report from the Aiken Department of Public Safety. He was taken to the Aiken County Detention Center on Saturday where he remained Monday.

The arrest took place at about 1 a.m. on Saturday on Richland Street in downtown Aiken. The employee of a downtown business asked police to keep an eye on the man who was described as “extremely intoxicated.” An officer approached the man, who was stumbling around and couldn’t stand up straight, and asked him how he was getting home.

The report stated that the man seemed nervous, and he was trying to “position himself in an advantageous position,” over the officer. The officer asked the man if they could search him for weapons or contraband, and he consented.

A small plastic bag with a white powdery substance was found in his pants pocket. The man told police that he didn’t know anything about it, and then stated that it was baking soda. The man then said he’d tell police who sold it to him without the officer asking about the substance again. Later, he told police that the substance was medication to treat a wasp sting.

The substance was tested and identified as cocaine.