We have tens of thousands of unwanted children in this country from all walks of life, a mother leaves her nine-year-old in a park while she works at McDonalds just to keep her minimum wage job. The frequency of these tragedies occur daily.

The unmistakable smell of hypocrisy hovers around the Hobby Lobby owners’ desire to not provide contraceptive benefits through the Affordable Care Act to its employees, the sincerity of their religious beliefs could be called to question yet the Green family is heroes to conservative religious groups who are against abortion.

Decreasing contraception availability for women by the five clueless Supreme Court justices will increase the number of abortions and more unwanted neglected children will fall through the proverbial net.

A way to decrease abortions and neglect is to increase the availability of contraception preventing pregnancies in the first place; women and those working in minimum wage jobs that offer zero coverage will suffer the brunt.

After reading the Court’s decision, I visited my local Hobby Lobby and perused the aisles, looking at the country of origin on many of their products.

A small number were made in America, some in Asian countries; the overwhelming bulk of household décor, Christmas items, art supplies and knickknacks, were made in China.

Justice Samuel Alito wrote, “No one has disputed the sincerity of (the Green family’s) religious beliefs.” I beg to disagree. I view them as hypocrites.

The Greens are not too religious to make money by selling products manufactured in a country that has forced many of their citizens to get abortions.

Since China established its one-child policy, at least 350 million abortions have been performed there.

Hobby Lobby also makes its money on the backs of workers in China who are underpaid and work in unsafe conditions.

Liam McGinley