North Augusta Department of Public Safety officers are investigating a carjacking that took place early Friday morning.

According to reports, a tan 2001 Chevy Tahoe was stolen following an altercation between two men. The victim stated that he and a friend met with a girl at a trailer park on Belvedere Clearwater Road, after which the victim drove the pair to a gas station. After attempting to pull into several stations, the victim found himself at the light at Old Edgefield and Atomic roads. While at the light, the male passenger fired a shot in the vehicle and began to fight with the victim. The male passenger fired another shot, and the two men began fighting in the back seat of the vehicle.

During the fight between the men, the female passenger took control of the vehicle and parked the car at the front of RAI Care Center on Atomic Road. She then exited the vehicle and joined the fight between the men, choking the victim, according to the report. The victim opened a door to the vehicle, pushing out the male passenger and taking his gun from him, police said. He reportedly threw the gun into a wooded area, which was later recovered by North Augusta Public Safety officers. The victim ran to the Save Stop gas station, and the male and female passengers left in his Tahoe.

The victim described the male passenger as a Hispanic male around 18 years old wearing a black shirt and a gray Oakland Raiders ball cap. The female passenger was around 17 years old; the victim could not remember what she was wearing.

The Chevy Tahoe is a four door vehicle with no distinguishing characteristics. The vehicle was listed as stolen.

The case is still under investigation by North Augusta Public Safety.

T.J. Lundeen is a reporter for the North Augusta Star. Follow him on Twitter @lundeentj for more updates.