Project Jackson.

There is something about Project Jackson that has bothered me ever since the baseball stadium was proposed. Surely, I am not the only one who has wondered how the city of North Augusta thinks it is OK to put a baseball stadium right smack across the river from the Water’s Edge, a Georgia neighborhood whose homes are on the river and who will have to endure the noise, lights and fireworks.

When there is a game at Lake Olmstead the fireworks can be heard in North Augusta. They are so loud that at last week’s city council meeting Mayor Lark Jones said that when he heard those fireworks being set off after a game one night, why – he thought “ ... . the Cold War had broken out!”

And yet, and yet ...

This issue truly is a matter of human decency. How people treat each other defines who they are.

The Golden Rule. What about the Golden Rule? It has well-served civilized people since the beginning of time.

How is it that North Augusta city council and mayor all think the baseball stadium is such a great idea? There has been plenty of time to think this idea through and plenty of time to realize its effect on others.

And yet, and yet ...

I live in the River Club – that must be told.

When my husband and I moved here seven years ago we looked forward to Project Jackson, never dreaming it would include a baseball stadium.

My husband, Steve, has given his heart, soul and considerable intellect to fighting the stadium on the grounds that it is being improperly financed by all of us in Aiken County through a misapplication of the Tax Increment Financing law. The T.I.F. law itself states that citizens can challenge it in a court of law. Steve has a legal right to take this issue to court and yet he is being sued by the developer for doing just that.

North Augusta, how did this happen?

Have you lost your soul to a bunch of out-of-town developers who have duped you for their own good?

Patricia Donohue

North Augusta