In his last column of historical analysis of our foreign policy, Anthony DiStefano did not properly address the war declared on us by radical Islamic terrorists on 9/11. An even more vicious strain of this intolerant Islamic terrorism is marching into Iraq from Syria into the vacuum left by Obama in his haste to get out in spite of warnings from our CIA and military leaders. Obama caused this and, in addition, ignored our intelligence agencies when they told him that the best time to strike these terrorists was when the invaders were massed at the Syrian border, ready to enter Iraq.

Obama’s abrupt retreat from Iraq, when there was some hope of a unity government staying in place, allowed the factions to attack each other and revert to their tribalism. No one will or should trust the U.S. again. The supporters we had in Iraq are being murdered, just as they were by the North Vietnamese when we left Vietnam. Pol Pot murdered millions in Cambodia after we left there. That is also the consequence of retreating.

Obama’s actions and inactions in this region over the past five years have caused this chaos, I believe, prodded by his Muslim Brotherhood advisers in the White House. My belief is based on the book “The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration” by Frank Gaffney.

As a result, we are left with few options, all of them bad. We must concentrate on the latest strain of terrorists at every opportunity in order to prevent anther 9/11. It appears that Obama has already lost Iraq, but maybe we can keep the terrorists from getting even stronger. Obama’s policies have not worked. We need new leadership in the White House.

Thomas N. Dean