This is the same position I advocated in July 2013. President Barack Obamaís Dream Act by fiat and the delay of the Obamacare employer mandate are clear public malfeasance in office by non-enforcement of current law.

Compromise, negotiation, and bipartisan enactment are rendered meaningless unless the rule of law is enforced. Obama takes no personal responsibility for exposed failures, breakdowns and dysfunction or underhanded acts by the federal government by claiming no prior knowledge or involvement then renders platitudes. Obama will continue his over reach unless he is stopped.

He takes the stage on what he assumes are good political actions Ė the current immigration of unaccompaned children from Guatemala and Honduras were planned prior to January 2014. The GOP needs to act now. Force the Democrat Senators to be on record for the November elections. The more Obama gets away with, the farther he will go.

In military terms, this would be a frontal assault. The representatives and senators can whine, say I donít know, letís talk, cower or charge. Congressmen can brag or defend their recorded position in November and the voters can settle the case.

I donít think the country can recover from two more years of the Obama administration, even if the GOP takes the Senate in November. Lawsuits take too long. The selective non-enforcement of the law by the Justice Department, political actions by the IRS, rewriting of laws by the EPA, extortion by the SEC and favorable rulings to the unions by an illegal National Labor Relations Board will continue to discourage the business community and generate more distrust in government by the productive knowledgeable citizens of the nation.

You amused Democrats (all is fair in love, war and politics) and tut-tut independents, how much will you tolerate or shut your eyes to?

Gil Mullins