According to reports provided by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office:

A Warrenville man reported on Saturday that someone had torn the door off the mailbox at his home on Dunbar Street.

Burglaries were reported on Friday at homes on Maple Street in Bath and Front Street in Warrenville.

A Beech Island woman reported on Friday that someone had entered her vehicle while it was parked in her apartment complex on Millrose Circle. She did not know if the vehicle’s doors were locked at the time. The vehicle’s lower dash, below the steering column, was damaged.

A vehicle parked at Village Senior Apartments on Timmerman Street in Warrenville was vandalized. The responding officer reported that the metal and rubber pieces associated with a passenger side door were “pushed aside and pulled upward.”

A Beech Island woman reported on Friday that someone entered Amazing Grace Baptist Church on Pine Long Road in Beech Island through a broken window that had been covered with taped cardboard. She said a bottle of pancake syrup was missing. According to the woman, there had been four previous incidents during the past month during which other items had been taken.

An Beech Island man reported on Friday that his granddaughter’s bicycle was missing from the yard of his daughter’s home on Cindy Drive.

A Beech Island woman reported on Friday that someone had pushed in a window beside the back door of an abandoned house on Williams Way. According to the responding officer, the wooden frame of the window was damaged and the window’s lower section was lying on the floor inside the house.

An Aiken man reported on Saturday that a woman had not returned items that she was given to assist her in her work at a business on Million Avenue following her departure.

An Aiken woman reported on Saturday that someone “pushed in” the window of her vehicle while it was parked at a home on JC’s Country Lane in Aiken.

Burglaries were reported on Saturday at a homes on Old Carline Road in Warrenville and Beck Road in Williston.

A North Carolina woman reported on Saturday that a vehicle had been stolen from a home on Old Tory Trail in Aiken.

An Aiken woman reported on Saturday that a male subject and a female subject had assaulted her during an incident at a home on White Heron Circle in Aiken. The victim went to the residence to talk to the man about “money for their children,” according to the responding officer’s report. The victim said she got involved in verbal altercation with the female subject. Then, the victim said both subjects “ripped her bag” and took items that were in it.

A North Augusta woman reported on Saturday that someone had taken a check from her checkbook at her home on Amos Court. She said she found out the check was missing when she received a phone call from her bank about someone trying to cash the check in Richmond County in Georgia.

A 25-year-old Warrenville man was arrested on Friday after being accused by a woman of taking a fake $20 bill that was displayed on a rack containing lottery tickets at Racers Gas in Burnettown. The responding officer viewed video footage that appeared to show the man taking the item. The man, who had two outstanding warrants, denied taking the fake $20 bill.

A 31-year-old Monetta man was arrested on Saturday after being accused of throwing a white Bible at a 35-year-old woman at a home on Wire Road. The woman said the Bible struck her left leg. The responding officer observed a red area approximately four inches long by three inches wide on the victim’s limb. According to the woman, she was helping the subject move out of the residence, where they had been living together. The subject denied throwing the Bible at the woman.

A Trenton woman reported on Saturday that another woman had grabbed both of her arms, slung her around and punched her in the face during an incident at a home on Church Street in Graniteville.

A Beech Island woman reported on Saturday that a neighbor told her that someone tried to break into her home on Shining Star lane while she was away. The victim said the subject tried to open the home’s front door.

A North Augusta woman, who lives on Melody Lane, reported on Saturday that she believed her dog had been stolen. She said the dog got out when she accidentally left the door of her home open and had not returned. While outside in the past, the dog had never wandered off her property, the woman told the responding officer.