The Aiken Standard has clearly drifted leftwards over the last couple of years.

Its editorial staff may think they’re on a mission to “enlighten” our overwhelmingly conservative community, but to its dismay, it will find that it’s only alienating its readership.

It editorializes that taxes should be raised to encourage economic growth. This is contrary to every known form of classical, free market economics for encouraging economic growth.

Of course, it cheerleads for every proposal to squander taxpayer dollars.

Yet simultaneously, it fights against new missions – and jobs – at the Savannah River Site and against energy production – jobs – off of South Carolina’s coastline.

It’s even endorsed President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional plans to “take executive action” on illegal immigration.

Stuart Rothenberg, a well-respected non-partisan commentator, recently wrote about how the Charleston Gazette in West Virginia is becoming irrelevant by endorsing Democrats in an increasingly Republican state:

“Unfortunately, many media outlets still think they ought to tell voters who they should support,” Rothenberg wrote. “But the Gazette’s endorsements are both predictable and meaningless. They obviously carry little or no weight … Because the Charleston Gazette is increasingly out of step with West Virginia’s politics.”

The same can be said of the Aiken Standard. Increasingly “progressive,” it’s out of step with the majority of its readership. It may cater to our community’s progressive elite, but we’re seeing its readership progressively tune out its increasingly irrelevant editorials.

Howard Wayt