My family lived in Columbia County for nearly 30 years before moving to Aiken some 12 years ago.

I know something about the difference between the two areas. The July 4 editorial about the need for Aiken County becoming more like Columbia County is somewhat like comparing apples to oranges. I must say, I totally take issue with your suggestion that raising taxes will create utopia in our schools and in our community. Matter of fact, I know of no economic theory that ever proposed higher taxes produces more growth. On the contrary, history has proven growth is produced by lowering taxes at all levels.

The editorial premises Columbia County schools are superior to our local schools and Columbia County’s growth is due to higher taxes is naive. I know Columbia County has some great schools, but not all of them are so great – somewhat like Aiken County.

I am not sure exactly where the editor got his facts, but I have my suspicions. Nevertheless, I suggest before the next editorial on any important issue such as education and growth you do a lot more detailed research, and study the demographics of the areas you are comparing.

Pam Beckum