One resident warned Aiken City Council members and staff that legal counsel may be consulted if roads in the Gem Lakes extension area aren't repaired beyond their present condition.

At a Council committee meeting on Wednesday, staff, Council members and a few residents discussed how to move forward on fixing the roads, primarily on Moultrie Drive and Huron Drive.

Resident Jim Williams, who remained quiet for almost the entire meeting, said he's fed up with the perceived lack of progress by Council and developers Kisner and Gaul LLC to fix the cracking and crumbling roads in his neighborhood. Williams has lived on Moultrie Drive for roughly three years.

Currently, large rectangular patches cover most of those roads. Some patches were put in this summer.

“As a homeowner, I'm fed up,” Williams said. “What I would ask of everyone going forward is please just extend a level of clarity – include the homeowners. If you want us to be patient like the mayor's (Fred Cavanaugh) asked, and I think we have been ... show us what's going on, because so far, we've seen a lot of nothing.”

Residents have continually raised questions targeting both the City of Aiken and the developers in effort to improve the deteriorating roads.

Council last met with the developers in August 2013, and Council was to give the developers a punch list developed by the City to fix the roads. Once that list was complete, a one-year developer warranty period was to begin; once the year passed and the roads were found acceptable, the developers could then deed the roads to the City of Aiken. Currently, the City does not own the roads.

Since the August meeting, Todd Gaul, of Kisner and Gaul LLC, said the company received a punch list from the City, and it is almost done completing the requirements the City requested.

“We're addressing it by exactly each item so that we can ask them (City of Aiken) to inspect those items,” Gaul said.

Gaul also said he feels progress on those roads has been well-communicated between both the developers and City staff.

Interim City Manager Roger LeDuc said he would like to sit down with Kisner and Gaul to receive the company's intent and progress and then reach a resolution.

Maayan Schechter is the local government reporter with Aiken Standard. Follow her on Twitter @MaayanSchechter.