When I think of refugees, I think of desperate, ragtag groups of people fleeing hell holes such as Iraq, Syria, Vietnam, Cambodia or Sudan. These people truly escaped brutal despots and conditions in their own countries often dying in their attempt to leave.

However, the pictures of so-called “refugees” poring over our borders in the last month from Central American countries look more like well-fed tourists than desperate seekers of asylum.

Whatever the situation, it is unconscionable and definitely illegal for American officials to allow these children and adults into our country, thereby, creating hardships on American aid workers, and eventually schools and hospitals.

On TV, we saw large, white buses and white, unmarked airplanes unloading hundreds of people onto our shores.

How did this happen, for heaven’s sakes? There are established processes for people to go through if they want to become legal or even documented workers etc.

It’s only a ginned up “humanitarian” crisis because the administration has no intention of correcting the problem and sending these illegals back to their own countries.

We cannot take in all of the people of the world in dire straits in their own failing countries.

Like it or not, we should have the fortitude to send all of these people back to their countries of origin.

Until our southern border is unequivocally secured, no one should be admitted here. There are legal ways to apply for citizenship or worker status.

Pat Kirk