Aiken City Council members will hold a committee meeting on Wednesday to discuss roadwork in Gem Lakes Estates.

The meeting will start at 8:30 a.m. in room 202 on the second floor of the Municipal Building, located at 214 Park Ave.

Gem Lakes residents have continued to raise concerns and question the progress of roadwork in the Gem Lakes extension subdivision where large, rectangular patches cover crumbling and cracking asphalt on most of Moultrie Drive and Huron Drive.

Gem Lakes developers Kisner and Gaul LLC were to complete a punch list that the City developed to improve the deteriorating roads. Once that list was complete, a one-year developer warranty period was to begin; once that year passed, the developers could then deed the roads to the City of Aiken. Currently, the City does not own the roads.

Developers told Council last spring they would conduct inspections of the roads and try to complete repairs by the end of August.

But in August, they visited Council and said they would continue patching roads in the Gem Lakes extension area with the goal that once work is finished to the City of Aikenís satisfaction and a warranty period has passed, the City would assume ownership of the roads.

Former City Manager Richard Pearce said in that same meeting the main goal was to make sure the developers met City requirements. He also said the City should expect a request sometime in fall 2014 to institute the one-year warranty period.

Currently, it does not appear such a request has been made or that a warranty ever went into effect.

Interim City Manager Roger LeDuc said the purpose for the meeting is to not only get caught up on the current status of the project, but also to gain a consensus among Council members on how to move forward.

Calls to Kisner and Gaul LLC were not returned by presstime.

Maayan Schechter is the local government reporter with Aiken Standard.