In reference to the Aiken Standard article “Salvage Yard Owner – We’re Getting a Bad Rap” printed on Thursday, June 19, I think it is unconscionable that a single business on the main artery entering the city is allowed to blot out the horizon with the skeletons of rusting, dilapidated trucks, buses and farm machinery, and seemingly no one can do anything about it.

It’s the first time I’ve heard the word temporary defined as 28 years.

For far longer than that, the mess has littered the highway, at times encroaching on the road itself, greeting all who pass with the sight of hulking wrecks.

The fact that the business owner’s grandfather gave the land to enlarge the highway does not give him free rein to use the verge as a trash dump.

It boggles the mind that with the huge number of laws on the books of the city, county and state covering every aspect of a resident’s and business owner’s responsibilities as residents of Aiken, there is nothing anyone can do to encourage the salvage yard owner to clean up his act.

I beg to differ with him about who is getting the “bad rap.” It’s definitely those who cringe when driving by that battered front door into the beautiful city of Aiken.

Molly C. Gray