Ryan Penney, one of 12 participants in Savannah River Remediation’s first employee leadership class, said the class’ focus on effective communication helped his professional and personal relationships.

Penney and his Leadership SRR classmates were awarded with diplomas of completion on June 19.

The yearlong program consisted of monthly seminars with topics such as Leading by Example, How to Communicate When You’re in the Spotlight and Creating a Climate of Trust, among others topics. Also on the schedule were two group projects completed throughout the year. Each project was designed to enhance the employees’ presentation skills.

Patricia Allen, Savannah River Remediation’s director of Environmental, Safety, Health, Quality Assurance and Contractor Assurance, spearheaded the program in hopes of enhancing leadership initiatives at the company.

“Leadership involves a whole gamut of concepts,” she said. “A different aspect of leadership was discussed during each seminar.”

Leadership SRR will continue in 2014, but with improvements to the curriculum derived from feedback from this year’s participants.

“We’ve changed some of the topics planned for next year,” said Allen. “We anticipate having continued success with this program for years to come.”

SRR is the liquid waste contractor at Savannah River Site, which is owned by the U.S. Department of Energy.