Develop an app

The City of Aiken needs to develop an app to pay taxes. This would save everyone time and money. Letís bring the Aiken government into the 21st Century.

Gas prices

Can someone explain why gas prices are higher in Aiken than they are in Columbia and North Augusta? We went to Columbia last Saturday and gas prices were between $3.31 and $3.35; much lower than here in Aiken.

A joke

A $25 fine for texting while driving is a joke. Just like the minimum fines imposed on littering. First, you have to enforce the law; second, you then need to impose a fine so steep that a person would think twice before doing it again. The fine is a weekly lunch bill. Ridiculous.

Real criminals

Some restaurant owners report that their ďNo concealed weaponsĒ signs are being torn down. Probably by gun-addicts. Makes you wonder who the real criminals are.

Morel mushrooms

Does anyone know where I can find morel mushrooms in the Aiken/Augusta area?

Tax on tax

I stopped and bought some motor oil today. I noticed that for each container you pay a S.C. oil fee, or a fancy word for Tax. I also noticed that this ďfeeĒ was added into the total and then sales tax was calculated on that total. So we are paying a tax on a tax. And we talk about another penny sales tax? Please, enough is enough.

Sign removal

Now that the runoffs are over, could we kindly get the candidates to remove the signs theyíve posted around?

More gyms

Yes, there are more gyms while the mall suffers. Thatís because you canít mail order fitness.

Picture ID

Why canít a concealed carry permit be used to vote? Itís a picture ID issued by the state.

Just quit

If you donít like the increased cigarette tax, donít pay it Ė quit smoking.

Electric motorcycle

Harley Davidson has a new electric motorcycle Ė I wonder how itís going to make the loud noise that so many claim is necessary for safety.

Editorís note: For more information about the new electric motorcycles, please see page 8A.