David Stoner, a student at South Aiken High School, is attending the 31st annual Research Science Institute, jointly sponsored with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, through Aug. 2.

The Institute is a six-week intensive program that provides students with the opportunity to conduct original, cutting-edge research in state-of-the-art university laboratories, hospitals and corporate research facilities.

Exemplary students are selected for the Institute base on the following criteria: high school records, personal essays, standardized test scores, teacher recommendations, research experience, potential for leadership, and honors and awards in math and science.

The Institute consists of one week of theoretical classroom work, followed by four-and-a-half weeks of research with a professor or research in the studentsí respective areas of interest.

In the final week, students demonstrate their work through written academic papers and present oral findings to their peers and a panel of judges.

Local student attends research institute