Having read articles about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the comments about freeing Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, I would like to voice my opinions about these topics.

U.S. troops need to be taken out of Afghanistan. If I am not mistaken, America referred to the Afghan-Russian War as Russia’s Vietnam.

The Russians could not win in Afghanistan, so what makes our government believe the U.S. can win? Afghanistan is very similar to Vietnam, in that thousands of troops are trying to win an un-winnable war, as was seen by the Russian troops.

Leaving troops in Afghanistan is just asking for major troubles during a pull-out of U.S. troops.

It produced a terrible last few days in Vietnam, and will probably be repeated in Afghanistan if the terrorists are allowed to take more of this country.

The current situation in Iraq is proof of a near Vietnam event. My father, more than eight years ago, said that if our government takes over the Iraq government, then the warring tribes would go back to warring as they have for hundreds of years.

Eight years later, my father knew what he was talking about.

If Baghdad falls, the three hundred troops that will probably be sent to Iraq may very well be a carbon copy of the last troops in Vietnam.

This Bergdahl matter really offends me, and should offend every American. This guy spent 5 years in captivity. Americans are supposed to believe in the saying, “Leave no soldier behind.”

The notion that these five prisoners, who were traded to free Bergdahl, are going to literally make a victorious stand against the governments of Iraq and Afghanistan is very silly.

I am confident that since these five have been prisoners, they have been well replaced. I can not believe that Americans can not feel great for this soldier and his family.

Tim Bledsoe

North Augusta