Global warming

The recent TalkBack regarding the unavoidability of global warming, regardless of our efforts to stop or reverse it, is well taken and probably correct. But that does not mean that the human race does not have an obligation to protect the worldís environmental systems as best it can for both health and aesthetic considerations for both itself and all future generations for as long as Earth has left in its inevitable race to eventual oblivion.

Pay the deputies

With all the crimes in the CSRA, it seems like they should give the deputies a raise. It is becoming a criminal center. There are so many break-ins and murders. They need the raise because they put their lives on the line every day, and you could be the next victim.

Salvage yards

Salvage yards come under the control of the EPA. Aiken County should contact this agency to handle complaints from neighbors.


The environmental thing is to use the ice storm debris mulch instead of burying it. There are places for it to go instead of in the landfill. The City of Aiken should use its equipment to haul it to people who want the mulch but donít have trucks instead of burying it.


These immigrants being dropped in Texas and Arizona should be taken and dropped off at the White House.

Soft on crime

The Aiken County Courthouse is a revolving door for criminals. The only people who benefit from our courthouse are the lawyers and the judges. The criminals just come and go; probation isnít even paid attention to. You violate probation, and they just warn you again. I pray our system will change.


U.S. Sen. Lindsey Grahamís response to Conservative candidates and voters who nearly forced him into a runoff is that he will continue to pursue immigration reform. Read that as amnesty and no guarantee to secure our borders. This plan steals jobs from Americans. The only recourse real Conservatives will have is to vote for his Democrat opponent in November. Anything is better than this turncoat.


All the callers complaining about Obama need to remember that the minorities are the majority these days.

Nuclear waste

They want companies from all over the world to ship their nuclear waste here, but they canít even take care of tree limbs.