Recent college grad Jessica Jones said she is excited to spend another summer interning at Savannah River Remediation.

Jones, a St. George resident, graduated with a degree in business from Allen University in Columbia.

This summer, she is working as an administrative services intern in human resources.

She had a position in training procedures last summer.

This time around, Jones has the opportunity to learn from mistakes and experiences last year and apply them to her job now.

“I was so nervous last summer,” she said. “Some things I just assumed without asking first.

“Now I know it's better to just ask questions if you're in doubt about something.”

As an administrative assistant, Jones has many responsibilities on a daily basis.

Some of these tasks include communicating with fellow interns, following up on credential checks and involvement in the hiring process for new employees.

She described herself as an unofficial liaison between the company and new hires, including fellow interns.

“Working in human resources has helped me be a point of contact for other interns,” said Jones. “With this being my second year, I've been able to learn the ropes so I can answer the interns' questions. Whether it is about their paperwork or what's good in the cafeteria, I try to help them out.”

In addition to being in several honor societies, she was a student ambassador and the president of the National Association of Black Accountants during her four years at Allen University.

After her 12 weeks at Savannah River Remediation are over, Jones will look into attending graduate school to earn a master's degree in business administration.

Savannah River Remediation is the liquid waste contractor at Savannah River Site, which is owned by the U.S. Department of Energy.