Property value

Donít count on Aiken County or the City of Aiken to have any standards for residential properties outside of historic districts. Property value busters are all over. Perhaps you never travel north of Richland Avenue and in parts of east Aiken? Rental properties are the worst, and thereís no reason why they shouldnít have to be up to the standards of the surrounding properties, other than a lack of fortitude to deal with slum lords that have connections.


The report used in the Sunday headline treated violent crime equal to commute time, income, education level and restaurants. To be No. 1 in South Carolina, Aiken only needs to increase the number of restaurants. We do not need to make changes at Public Safety or S.C. Sen. Tom Youngís tax increase for schools. Also, the loss of jobs at SRS or the closing of SRS would not impact Aikenís rating, because the loss of income would be offset by the reduced commute time. Is this a great report for Aiken to use?


It has been made apparent that you can violate your probation in Aiken County and wonít have to face any consequences.

Trailer tags

Regarding the trailer tag comment, the Department of Motor Vehicles and the South Carolina government should pass a bill that all trailers, regardless of size, should have a tag and also have running lights. We see too many of these trailers being pulled on our roads, and the money from these tags would really help to rebuild some of our roads. We donít need to raise the millage or go up $4 a year for road maintenance fee per vehicle. Drive safe, because we share the road with you.

No surprise here

No surprise that most people in the Republican South are Obama haters but look to published statistics to see how well the Republican way of doing things works. The Southern Republican states are behind in everything but foolishness. Donít let those facts or education bust your bubble, huh?

Our business

Our Constitution was written to do a number of things, including providing a strong and fair government that protects individual freedoms. But it also established safeguards that prevent the government from abusing its power. This was accomplished by having three separate branches of government, the legislative, judicial and executive. The president is the elected head of the executive branch, and it was given specific and limited powers. When these powers are exceeded, it is the responsibilities of the other branches of government, as well as the citizens of the country, to prevent this abuse. In other words, it is our business.