The sheriff continues to browbeat the Aiken County Council on the topic of a millage rate increase for his employees and no others. Why doesn’t Council advocate for all employees? The Council should serve us all, not just one politician. Where were the missing Council members at the meeting? A matter this important needs all hands on deck and not just “his administrator and his Council.” This is our country and our county, and one man should not dictate by fear, be it real or imagined what he will and will not accept.


Seeking candidate(s) for Aiken County sheriff. Citizens are begging for leadership and accountability and availability. Go to your party headquarters and make your intentions known so we can start the ball rolling. Criminals are having a field day in Aiken County. Act now.

Quit hiding

Just monitor the intersections for running red lights and stop signs. Also, monitor for illegal turns at intersections, illegal lane changes and school zones. Quit hiding under trees and behind buildings, where a few miles per hour over the speed limit makes no difference. The police departments would raise enough revenue to give everyone a raise.

No response

I would like to give a special thank you to the Aiken Department of Public Safety. The other night, my car and a neighbor’s had been broken into. Another neighbor saw two men in the act and called the police, not once, but twice, over the span of some time. They never responded to the call. They probably had a real criminal to deal with, like someone doing 40 mph in a 35. Thank you, once again.