I believe that we should return U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., to the Senate and recommend that you vote for him in the Republican primary on June 10.

Graham is a proven performer and a particularly effective representative of the people of South Carolina. He has proven this in his actions, not just in words and promises. He has placed the interests of taxpayers ahead of politics. He supports a strong military and national defense.

He is one of the few members of Congress in Washington, D.C. who have actually served in the military on active duty and he is the only member of Congress who is currently serving in the reserves or guard.

This experience provides him a unique perspective. He is a champion and very effective supporter of the men and women in the active duty armed forces, the reserves and the national guard, the very people who have preserved our freedoms, sometimes at heavy cost.

He wrote the law and was instrumental in passing the legislation that expanded health care benefits for our troops and their families, keeping promises previously made by the government; The fact that on occasion he has placed the interests of the American people and his own principles ahead of those of his party is a strength, not a weakness. I submit we need more like him in the Congress.

He is a proven performer, experienced, action-oriented senator, and courageous and conservative legislator, whose actions support his rhetoric.

It is most important that you vote in the primary election on June 10, and I strongly recommend that you vote to return Graham to the U.S. Senate.

Dean Sackett