South Carolinians have, in recent times, chosen to disregard the seniority argument regarding their legislative representatives with major success both locally and state wide.

Locally, we overwhelmingly chose to retire four-term S.C. Rep. Jim Stewart and elect Bill Taylor. Very few would argue that this wasn’t a major upgrade. Taylor very quickly became regarded as one of the most effective members of the S.C. State House.

Statewide, the voters of S.C.’s Fourth Congressional District chose to elect newcomer Trey Gowdy over nine-term incumbent Bob Inglis. Gowdy has rapidly become a national hero.

I believe we need to retire U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, even though, in some areas, the military for instance, he commands much respect and has seniority.

Unfortunately, his seniority is of little good if he uses it to further progressive, liberal causes such as amnesty, confirming the most left-wing attorney general ever in Eric Holder, and Supreme Court Judges Sonia Sotomeyer and Elena Kagen, as well as a host of other far left ideas.

I am supporting Det Bowers to replace Graham. Bowers has the background, 20 years as a highly successful attorney, handling and winning cases at all levels of state and federal courts. However, it is his statesman-like bearing and true Southern gentleman-poise that will show him to be an instant standout in the U.S. Senate.

I have no doubt that most of the challengers facing Graham would vote far closer to the desires of the South Carolinians they would represent. However, none of them have exhibited the kind of leadership, intelligence and bearing of Bowers. He will be the one we can proudly point to and say “he represents us.”

Claude O’Donovan