Iím writing this letter to support Sen. Lindsey Grahamís re-election to the United States Senate. As we enter the last days until the Republican primary, Iíve paid close attention to the rhetoric leveled by the far right and those dissatisfied with his performance.

They site willingness to deal with Democrats in Washington, D.C., his support for President Obamaís Supreme Court nominees and friction with the Tea Party.

The facts, however, bear a different reality. Graham has been a strong voice for South Carolina, a friend to Aiken County and a force for good with regard to national security.

His experience and leadership is on display daily when it comes to our armed forces Ė he is the only member of the senate still serving in uniform. He is a strong supporter of our troops and has been out front on objecting to the sequester, military cuts and authored the bill extending health care for the National Guard and Reserves.

His support for Aiken County has always been strong. He was responsible for bringing the Mixed Oxide Fuel facility to the Savannah River Site in 2007, and heís the reason itís still an ongoing mission supporting 1,500 jobs that the Department of Energy is intent on terminating. He continues to be an influential and experienced voice for missions and moving waste out of S.C. Graham has been a leader for fiscal discipline, opposing Obamacare, co-sponsoring the balanced budget amendment and voting against the Obama stimulus. He was named one of the top five spending cutters in the U.S. Senate by the National Taxpayers Union Foundation and a guardian of small business by the National Federation of Independent Businesses. We need to remember to be careful what we ask for. If we send an inexperienced, junior representative to the U.S. Senate, we will get an inexperienced junior representative serving the people of South Carolina.

Chuck Smith

North Augusta

County Council District 4