Why should Lindsey Graham be defeated this year? I offer 10 reasons:

Graham voted to put radical leftists Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor onto the Supreme Court.

Graham voted to confirm Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton as Secretary of State and has said she’s the best secretary of state in his lifetime.

Graham voted for the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

Graham voted to raise the federal debt ceiling numerous times.

Graham voted to end U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz’s brave filibuster against Obamacare.

Graham favors amnesty for illegal aliens.

Graham favors radical environmental regulations to combat so-called “climate change.”

Graham supports military intervention in the Syrian civil war.

Graham supports spying on American citizens and the restriction of civil liberties.

Graham voted 63 percent of the time with Obama in 2011 and 57 percent of the time with Obama in 2012.

Graham has lost all credibility with conservatives. He’s closer to Harry Reid than to the typical South Carolinian.

Responsible South Carolinians will unite on June 10 to give him the boot.

Gail DeLorey