Future growth

The Mayor insists that Hitchcock Parkway needs to be expanded due to anticipated future growth in Aiken, even though the 2012 Level of Service Report states that traffic volume in Aiken has been declining ever since 2008 and on the Parkway since 2010. Now the Aiken Standard has reported that the City of Aikenís growth rate is approaching zero and could go negative in the future. This is further evidence that we donít need to spend $40 to $50 million to four-lane the Parkway. All it needs is more passing and turning lanes and coordinated traffic signals.

Beautiful city

Sometimes I wonder whatís wrong with the people in Aiken. The police do need a raise. They do a good job and theyíre always leaving. Our city is beautiful and itís thanks to the people who work under Tom Rapp. Sometimes people are too lazy to work and must be on welfare.

Vote no

In response to a recent TalkBack article about the penny tax Ė another penny added to the many pennies already paid? No. Would they freeze the millage rate in response to getting another penny tax? Never. Vote no to any increases in taxes. Does the government ever see where they can cut back instead of increasing taxes?

Junkyard debate

Why wonít these junkyards cut back their brush so signs can be seen?

The debate on junkyards isnít a debate. Whatís being done is against the law. Itís a right-of-way law, and itís never been enforced.

Round one

Sheriff Michael Hunt must be disappointed that he didnít get an increase, but as you said, this is only round one. I agree that the deputies may need more money. If you agree to not run for office again, I will agree to a tax increase.

Polish the handrail

Will some one please polish the handrails in the old post office? They used to shine like a silver dollar. We need to make Aiken beautiful.

Fire extinguisher

My guns are like my fire extinguishers; there if I need them. If I donít need them, thatís good. Also, an unloaded gun is like an empty fire extinguisher.

So, whether or not you prepare for an emergency is certainly your choice. Maybe the family youíre supposed to protect will escape harm by getting help from someone who did prepare. The outlaws will always have guns because they donít obey laws anyway.