The S.C. Senate Medical Affairs Committee recently voted to pass out of committee a bill that would allow South Carolina to publish HPV vaccine brochures to promote it and then offer the vaccine free to seventh-graders who aren’t covered by insurance.

This bill has plenty of opposition. even within the state senate. Many are worried that if passed it will lead to later mandating it for school children. Others are concerned about the cost to South Carolina taxpayers.

However, nobody mentions the question of the vaccine’s safety. A brochure promoting it will never offer the negative side. If one Google searches the vaccine adverse effects – or VAERS – of the HPV, one can read the thousands of vaccine injury reports, including those young children who are permanently damaged and over a hundred who have died as a direct result of receiving it. The vaccine has never been properly tested for safety.

Health decisions must be left to parents and not the state. Let the parents educate themselves and determine what is best for their children. If this concerns you, contact your state representatives and let them know how you feel.

Maurine Meleck

North Augusta