Recently, cars parked in downtown Aiken were littered with anti-U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., propaganda.

Apparently, the group called themselves “Dump Lindsey” and made false, misleading claims about Graham’s record. This is not a new tactic for this group, and I think they’re still passing out these flyers all over Aiken County in an attempt to spread inaccurate information about a man who has done more for our state than anyone in that group has.

There is no room for this type of classless behavior in a race for the U.S. Senate.

I support Graham because he is honest and passionate about the future of our country – he isn’t afraid to run on his record, nor will he skew the facts to please his critics.

Graham has a handle on the issues being debated on the national and international stage and that is something we here in South Carolina should be extremely proud of.

South Carolina needs leaders in Washington such as Graham engaged in the discussion – conservatives who are willing to take the road less traveled and fight for solutions to get our country back on track. I admire Graham for choosing that path – he tackles the tough issues for the betterment of our state and our nation.

Harrison Wood