Having just completed the roaring celebration of the 2014 edition of “Public Service Recognition Week,” also known as “Government Employees Week,” which honors federal, state and local government workers, it is only fitting that we be treated to yet another “column” by local resident Anthony DiStefano.

DiStefano, who according to his own biography, spent 29 years in public service working in state and federal government.

His basic premise as far as I can tell is that government should play an even larger part in helping us run our lives.

Over the years, Distefano has written columns in the Aiken Standard on such diverse subjects as politics, the economy, global warming and the prevention of injuries in football. In his latest area of expertise, the ongoing inequality in America, he discusses the Federalist Papers, Mark Twain, the Constitution, Congress, the Supreme Court and U.S. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

It is surprising that with his expertise on such a wide range of issues that he has not been tapped by the Obama administration for some high-level cabinet post. During my working years, in the private sector, it was my pleasure to partly pay DiStefano’s salary as a government employee and even now I am helping to pay for his retirement.

I look forward to more of DiStefano’s columns in which he will share his apparently limitless knowledge and expertise.

Ted Eno