Debris debacle

The Aiken city manager should ask himself to be or not to be, in view of the debris debacle.


How can I get some free woodchips for my yard?

The same thing

How could Jay Brooks be allowed to leave the state? He allegedly went to Texas and did the same thing.

Veteran care

The VA needs to be looked into, aside from the care veterans are getting. Why canít they speed up re-acceptance of people who require VA assistance and medical treatment to get approved? Itís taken some veterans more than two years. Something is wrong in that end of it, too.

Itís sad

Itís sad that Jay Brooks was allowed to move to Texas. He was arrested in Aiken and only was there for a matter of days. He bonded out and took his family to Texas.

Cheaper gas

I was in Hilton Head, and gas was cheaper there by 14 cents a gallon. Aiken gas stations should be ashamed.

Lock out

Itís a shame the way those people were locked out at AGY. Our governor is talking about the growth, the jobs. She hasnít brought any jobs to South Carolina.

Local government

We canít have accommodations for pedestrians and bike riders because the City and the County are too busy looking for fine buildings and fine furniture for themselves. Itís not about the citizens, itís about the local government.


I have no problem voting for U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., but I have a problem with him voting for what he wants. Isnít he elected to vote for what we want?

Dirtiest state

Now that we are the dirtiest state in the nation, what are we going to do about it? We should make an effort to combat this inexcusable crime and get the prisoners out there to clean it up. We need to clean up where we live and all adjacent land to where we live. Shame on the litterers.

Texting fines

There is a state where a first offence of the texting law is a $165 fine. The second offence is a $250 fine and points against the offenderís license. Here in South Carolina, we could save a lot of money and paperwork if we would remove the fine completely. Just allow the officer of the law to slap the wrist of the offender and move on.