My husband and I have known Camille Furgiuele professionally and personally for many years, and throughout those years have formed a friendship and strong working relationship with her.

Those of us who have had the privilege to work with her have deep respect for her business knowledge, her generous dedication to church activities and for her commitment to volunteer work.

Having worked with Furgiuele on the Board of Directors for the Property Owners Association of Cedar Creek and having served on various committees with her, it was very easy to recognize that her experience as a city manager and chief financial officer for a municipality in New Jersey provided the technical skills needed as a representative of the voters and taxpayers.

It is also abundantly clear that she possesses the communication ability, temperament and core principles of fiscal responsibility required to fill Scott Singerís seat on the Aiken County Council District 2.

Furgiuele would be an outstanding asset, not only to the County Council, but to all residents of Aiken County.

I believe we have no difficult decision to make. Furgiuele is the right choice and we need her as our representative for District 2.

Sherri Wicks