After 20 years in Congress, itís time for U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., to come home. After two decades inside the Beltway, the bright and idealistic Congressman first elected in 1994 has become a tired, cynical tool of the special interests and establishment lobbyists. Such an environment is toxic toward good intentions.

After being feted and feasted all these years, what connection does Graham still have with South Carolina? Or with his community? Or with the dreams, ambitions and desires of his constituents?

Seniority, we are told, is why we should keep sending Graham back again and again to Congress.

But what is the use of seniority when he uses his power against the interests of his home state? How can any concept of representation be squared with Grahamís actions on Capitol Hill?

Over time, Graham has become arrogant enough to think he knows better than the folks who elected him. When he strays too far from the wishes of the citizenry, he no longer represents them.

With this in mind, itís time to retire South Carolinaís senior senator.

Dora Bush