I write in response to a letter by Carol Sue Roberts Ė ďDonít re-elect GrahamĒ from May 14. I completely disagree with her.

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is a conservative with a lifetime American Conservative Union rating of 88. I donít know where Roberts got her information, but there is nothing ďRINOĒ about that. You donít get a lifetime rating of 88 unless youíre a true conservative.

The country is in trouble, and the last thing we need to do is replace Graham with an unproven, largely unknown person who has never served state-wide elected office and who doesnít have a real record. Graham is in a position to move the country forward Ė he has a seat at the table. Thatís why our Charleston Port is on track to be deepened. Thatís why the Savannah River Site is still in existence.

I may not always agree with Graham on everything, and I donít expect to. But I know he is working hard, he is honest, he is dedicated and he puts our state and nation at the front of his thinking Ė even if itís not the politically beneficial way to go. That is the definition of a true statesman.

My family and I are proud to support Graham, and I canít wait to vote to re-elect him on June 10.

Andy Cwalina