I feel compelled to address a few serious issues that have taken place recently.

First, there is nothing more infuriating to an American than having some lousy terrorist threaten to do harm to children and the innocent, so I have to commend President Barack Obama for sending a small military contingency to Nigeria to help find the 300 school girls kidnapped from school by terrorists.

On the other hand, Obama should be ashamed of himself for disparaging former President George W. Bush for doing the same thing against terrorists and former Iraq ruler Saddam Hussein, who killed thousands of his own people and threatened the world.

Further, the left-leaning news media is guilty of omission for ignoring news scandals that plague our country committed by Obama and his administration, leaving the people of this country uninformed.

Fox News seems to be the only one bringing to light the wrongdoing. They recently aired comments made by the mentally deranged U.S. House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi who spewed out her ignorance saying that the Republican investigation of the cover-up of Benghazi was a ď political stunt and diversionary tactic.Ē

The fact that there is strong evidence showing that the Obama administration misled the American people just before election time by fabricating a story that some video incited a riot that led to the deaths of four Americans, including our ambassador isnít grounds for an investigation, according to her and her cronies.

The mainstream media has done a disservice to all Americans by not reporting the history of lies and deceit coming from our president and his minions.

Laws were broken and people died. What the Democrats have done is trivialized each and every incident, ignoring their guilt and denying justice to the aggrieved. Itís despicable to say the least.

Gregory J. Topliff