The Aiken Planning Commission verbally agreed to place the definition of a “residential assisted living facility” on the next meeting's agenda for public comment.

During a work session on Tuesday, Planning Commission discussed the definition because of how comprehensive and encompassing it is. Some members, including Planning Commission Chair Liz Stewart, voiced concern because the definition involves more than just aging residents in need of assisted living.

“One of my concerns on this ... is when they talk about it with mentally ill or mentally disabled (patients),” Stewart said. “When you put a parent in that assisted living facility, it's not what you're normally thinking of.”

The definition of a residential assisted living or residential care facility stands as, “a facility which offers room (regardless of whether leased or owned by the occupant or any other person), board and a limited degree of personal assistance on a long-term basis for two or more persons, 18 years old or older, unrelated to the operator, but excluding any faulty which offers or represents to the public that it offers such services primarily to or specifically for the mentally ill, mentally disabled, or drug or alcohol addicted or provides or purports to provide specific procedures or processes for those diseases or conditions.”

Planning Commission's next regular meeting is on Tuesday, June 10 at 6 p.m.

Maayan Schechter is the local government reporter with Aiken Standard. An Atlanta native, she has a mass communications-journalism degree with the University of North Carolina Asheville. Follow her on Twitter @MaayanSchechter.