Can the citizens of the United States trust their government? Sometimes. What has changed and what difference does it make?

The government not only provides national defense and regulates commerce, but now provides for the general welfare in monetary terms – 47 million on food stamps – and has become more political. The citizens now look to the federal government for social security, Medicare, etc.

Where does the government get the funds to provide this largesse? From citizens that they are not giving it to – redistribution – and borrowing. I paid for my Social Security and Medicare you say. Yes, you did pay for some or may have paid more. Former President Bill Clinton signed the bill that made up to 85 percent of your Social Security benefits taxable if your other income exceeds certain amounts. So is Social Security your annuity or a government benefit? Most people, who retired in the last 10 years that pay income taxes on their Social Security will have paid in more than they will get out, considering inflation and a return on the money paid in. Yes, it will get worse, because in the unified federal budget there is less Social Security money coming in than is going out. Can a current Congress and president change the law? Yes. Can a current president not keep a promise (not law) of a past president? Yes. Did President Barack Obama just break a previous president’s promise on MOX? Yes.

Are some federal administrations, state and city governments more open, honest and trustworthy than others? Yes. Is small town government usually more honest than large governments? Yes. That is because in small towns people are closer to the government’s operations and they can and do watch because they know they are paying the bill. Big government bureaucrats and office holders can have culpable people who are seldom held to full account for their misdeeds and malfeasance, unprosecuted and unproven. Retired IRS Manager Lois Lerner, U.S. House Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-NY, etc. Small town crooks usually face criminal charges.

Gil Mullins