COLUMBIA (AP) — Sen. Vincent Sheheen said Gov. Nikki Haley’s administration should release the full report on how millions of taxpayers’ personal data was stolen in 2012.

Sheheen’s budget amendment was thrown out on Thursday on a technicality after senators refused to kill it. Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell cast that tie-breaking vote.

The proposal required the Department of Revenue to post Mandiant’s report. The computer forensic firm was paid $750,000 to determine what happened.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Larry Martin said Sheheen is playing politics with a law enforcement matter. Sheheen is challenging Haley in November.

S.C. State Law Enforcement Chief Mark Keel said his agency and the U.S. Secret Service don’t want the report released.

Democratic Sen. Brad Hutto said the report could confirm the federal government paid the cyber-thief not to sell the data.

Sheheen: People deserve to see full hacking report