A total of 600 people in Aiken County now can say for sure they took part in a crazy basketball game at USC Aiken – now certified as a world record.

Guinness World Record staffers sent an email with the good news to Angel Miano, USCA’s associate director of student life.

The record will appear on the organization’s website.

The game is called knock out, which asks people, essentially, to shoot basketballs – either firing once and missing, or more, as long as they keep connecting.

The project took months to set up and many hours afterward to document the record, Miano said.

The previous record was 571 contestants, and “We knew we had broken the record,” she said. “But we had to provide lots of film from five different cameras, several hundred photos and statements from those who were there. This is extremely exciting.”

All the participants soon will have the opportunity to order an official certificate.

“It was just something fun to do and try to break the record, and now we know we did it,” Miano said. “It’s just awesome.”

USCA gets its world knock out record