If the federal government owns 90 percent of Nevada, then Yucca Mountain shouldnít be closed.

Senior citizen

Iím a senior citizen and locked my keys in my truck. The Aiken Department of Public Safety told me that they couldnít help me unless someone was trapped in the car. I was told I needed to call a locksmith. I had to walk home and get my keys. It would have taken the police no time at all to help me get in my car. I was standing in the heat.

Email exchange

The mayor and City Council members showed what areas they were really concerned about with the ice storm debris cleanup in the emails they exchanged. Itís time to clean house.

Drug problem

We know where the drug addicts are. The police were called at 11 a.m., and a gold car pulled up so a boy could buy his drugs. The law was called and they never came. They do drugs all the time, and different cars come. We have children around here. There are robberies, and we are tired of it. We need to get the police to do the work or call upon a higher power. Something needs to be done.

Widen the bypass

I work on Dibble Road, and I counted 31 cars before I could turn onto the bypass. I was 10 minutes late for my doctors appointment, and I left early enough that I should have been there. Itís a bypass. That means it should be four lanes. Stop whining.

Texting ban

We will get a ban on texting when the victims sue the government to protect their lives.


New Ellenton is being hit with break-ins almost daily lately. The police need to start trying to find these crooks.

Police raises

Aiken County Sheriff Michael Hunt wants his employees to receive a 20 percent raise. This is ridiculous in the hard times taxpayers are facing. All deputies are not leaving Aiken County for more money as the sheriff reports. I have spoken to several who cited poor management and command staff failing to lead by example. The public needs a voice and a vote in this matter.

Church and state

Religion and inter-religious fighting through the ages has been responsible for untold numbers of deaths and suffering. Teaching the word of God to our children in schools isnít going to stop children being taught ďevil,Ē whatever that is supposed to mean. The founding fathers of this nation separated religion and state for very good reason.